The Gallery: Green

27 04 2011

We moved into this house just over four years ago. It is the first house that we have owned and we love it so much. Mr C in particular loves the garden but when we first moved in it was very different to what it looks like today.

The only thing that remains is my Pom-Pom tree. I don’t know the real name for it. Every year someone suggests we cut it down or do something else with it but I refuse. That tree flowered as we moved into this house four years ago and each subsequent time it reminds me of how far we have come, how much we have done, what has changed in our life since the first time it flowered and the last time it flowered.

It starts off with little green buds, then they open and the green flowers appear.

In a matter of days they turn to pale green then white as they open up into all of their wonderful pom-pom glory.

Sadly, it never lasts long and usually we get a blustery days when the flowers come out and all of a sudden we have a petal confetti strewn lawn and it is over for another year.

Oh, but it is so beautiful while it lasts.

If anyone knows what type of tree this actually is I would love to know!




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