Operation Nest – the end

21 04 2011

I am so pleased with what I managed to do with Piran’s room. It is such an improvement on before. He seems to like it, particularly his books and I am very fond of it too. I can’t wait until I am physically able to sit on the floor in his book nook and read together. For now I just have to sit on the toybox!

 I just chose a plain lightshade, I plan on making some birds to perch on it when I have the time.
 Nothing changed in this corner, except a little squirrel scurrying across the top of the cot.
 All of the stuffed toys now live in the toybox, except the singing Bagpuss mice, because they are my favourite and Piran likes to dance to them.
 I couldn’t find any bookends that I liked that were in my price range. So I bought these two lovely doorstops from Hunkydory Home instead. 
 I want one more picture for this wall but haven’t seen anything I like enough yet.
 The Book Nook. With beanbag chair and two big squishy cushions that I made. I appliqued the trees from the fabric I used to cover the cupboard door onto cream cord and backed with green fabric. The giraffe picture on the shelf was drawn for Piran by my Dad.
 I took ages deciding what bookcase to have. It is very tight for space and I love the Tidy Books bookcases but just couldn’t justify the price. Instead I bought 5 Ribba picture shelves from Ikea and made our own. The pictures at the top are Penguin bookcover postcards.
 Opposite the bookcase is a wall sticker called The Poem Tree. Suggested by Littlestuff, I really love it and Piran keeps pointing at it when we go in there so I think he is a fan too.
 It is so hard to photograph this due to the size of the room but this is just a curtain that covers the odd cupboard. Fabric from Ikea. I want a picture for the wall by the door as well but I am waiting until I find something special.
 Same thing, different angle. You can see the little book corner too.
Finally the window blind from Living Funky, as suggested by Kat. I am pleased with my fabric choice, although the less said about putting it up on the wall the better.
And now we are done. Our room has been rearranged a little, the rest of the cupboards in the house organised and all of the things we don’t really need right now have been put in the loft. I have stocked the freezer with food and tidied up my blog. I have two more posts I want to write and then the baby can arrive at any time. 
All of this means I will probably be 2 weeks overdue again!



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