11 04 2011

Yesterday officially marked 37 weeks. I am happy to have reached this point and have had a quick discussion with Thumper and told her that if she feels like coming then she is more than welcome. I am holding out zero hope of that happening though as I haven’t had so much as a twinge or a braxton hicks contraction. Last time I waited another five weeks to meet my baby so there is very little point getting my hopes up.

It doesn’t stop other people though. Mr C starting asking daily when I was going to pack for the hospital so I have treated myself to a new bag (I realised I had been using my old one for sixteen years, half my life! So it definitely wouldn’t hurt to get myself a nice one). Since it has appeared in the bedroom Mr C has chilled out but my MIL told me off yesterday for not packing yet. What do they think is going to happen? The baby is going to come in under an hour so I won’t have time to finish popping things in a bag?

Anyway, today is one of my days home alone so I have decided to get on with it and then hopefully I will get some peace. I went back to this post about my Hospital Bag I wrote in June two years ago which listed everything that I was packing and taking. The best laid plans and all that, what I took and what I needed were two different things but I was expecting labour, possible stay in hospital, home with baby. I was not prepared for 4 day induction, short labour, five days in hospital. So I am really confused about what I might or might not need. Plus Piran was is SCBU so they did a lot of looking after him at the beginning so what we need and what we don’t need is all mixed up in my brain.

Two bags are the way forward I reckon – one for labour, one for a hospital stay, be it before or after the birth. Stop thinking about last time and start preparing for this like it is my first time all over again. Keep it all in perspective – the hospital has a shop, it is in a town with supermarkets and bigger shops and if we need anything long term we can get it from home.

One thing I have been thinking about though is a present from the baby for Piran. He helped me choose a little soft rabbit for Thumper which will be his present to her. I want to get something from her for him but I can’t decide what to get and also when to exchange presents. Would it be better to wait until we are all home together? Please let me know your thoughts, or what you did if you have done something similar.




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