Operation Nest – the beginning

7 04 2011

I may have mentioned it before but I have been plagued with a vague feeling of guilt that Thumper will not be getting a nursery straight away. By now Piran’s was almost finished and it was lovely to spend time dreaming about him and what he would be like as I made a place for him in our house and our lives.

At the moment, our third bedroom is the spare room / sewing room / washing and ironing / dumping ground for things. Basically everything that doesn’t have a home ends up in there. If we change it to a bedroom for Thumper then we lose a lot of useful space and so we will put that off until later in the year as it doesn’t make sense considering she will be in with us for months.

This fact has left me with an excess of nesting instinct and a need to channel it somewhere. I am slowly organising the house, the key being that everything we own needs a place, and once it has a place keeping things organised and tidy is much easier. That’s my delusion and I am sticking to it anyway!

I needed a big project though so I am turning my attention to Piran’s room. Before he was born I put everything together and then we received gifts and things to go in the room and now looking at it there is no coherent design or anything and well it bugs me. He is getting older and I want it to be a place that he wants to spend time in and play and read and it can be somewhere that he can get away from the baby if he wants to!

So I thought I would share the before pictures with you and then update it as we go along. It is a small room, which is a funny L shape and hard to photograph but hopefully you will get the idea.

I am calling this Operation Nest.

From outside the room. The cot is on the left behind the door.

This is the corner L part. The chair will move into our room for night feeds and I plan on turning this corner into somewhere comfy to read books.

I made the bird mobile and my mum made the quilt on the wall. Those will be staying. The random soft toys need a better home I think.

I love the two pieces on the wall – a framed Dr Seuss quote and a competition prize from Lulabird. The books will be moved into the corner. 

This is just all so cluttered and annoying really!

 Toy chest under the window. This will stay where it is for now.

It is really hard to photograph the window but how rubbish is this? We have cream curtains so I made a blackout covering for the window but it was a bodge it and leg it type of thing that has been there for a year. It has to go. So do the curtains and the curtain track. 

This cupboard had a door on it when we moved in but we took it off as it just hit the light fitting. I made the curtain to cover it over before Piran was born but I don’t like the animals any more. I also hate the height chart as everytime you shut the door the draught makes it knock against the wall.

The dinosaurs match nothing and it bugs me. 

I am very proud of my bird mobile though!

The theme that I have in mind is Birds and Trees. I will not be painting at all because I love the colour just moving bits around, sorting out the window and all of the tat in the room and making it all go together better. I hope!

So any suggestions? I have ordered a blind for the window with a blackout lining. The tree fabric on the chair is going to be used to make a new curtain for the cupboard. I would like a height chart that is tree related but can’t find one I like. This one appeals though. I would like a Totoro on the wall but I am worried it might scare Piran! I would love a few more pictures. I have a plan for bookshelves for the corner.

Exciting. It should keep me out of mischief for a while anyway.




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