Settling down

6 04 2011

Things are a little better round these parts this week. Which is a relief because I seriously felt like I hit rock bottom at the weekend. I just had nothing left to give.

I am getting over my cough and cold and so is Piran. Yesterday he seemed to be back to his cheeky self, I certainly had my hands full at times. It seems odd to be pleased that I had to tell him off on occasion but in comparison to last week he is a different and much happier child. Cheeky too. Very cheeky! Oh and a drama queen too. If I say no he stomps off and faces the wall feeling sorry for himself. And if he gets told off then he hides his face in his hands and peeks out at me to see if I am still looking mad. God, it is so hard to keep a stern face it is just so cute.

The sleeping in our bed was getting impossible so this week we are being firm. If he wakes we go in, talk to him, cuddle him but refuse to leave the room. He says “Up” and points out of the room but I have been calmly explaining to him that it is night time and that he needs to stay in his own room and cot. When he has stopped crying I put him down and run out. He starts crying again but each time it is getting shorter. We had noticed that he was in the habit of waking at around 8.15 each evening and asking to come downstairs for cuddles and this tactic seems to be making a difference. Last night he went to sleep just after 7 and we didn’t hear him until 6.30 this morning. I really hope that this is the start of a good period of sleep because we all need the break so much.

This morning I was sat in our bed with him after he has his milk and he said “Baby?” and pointed under the duvet. I lifted it up and he stroked my belly. Mr C and I just stared at each other and grinned, that is the first time he has indicated that something is happening!

36 weeks

I was reading old posts about my maternity leave before Piran arrived. This one is from 36 weeks, the same that I am now. It seems the same sort of things were going through my brain. The midwife hasn’t mentioned antenatal classes at all this time. Guess you don’t get them second time round. I did talk to her about breastfeeding and she was very lovely. I’m going with the give it a go and see how I feel with zero pressure approach. What will be, will be.

This first week of maternity leave has been good. Monday was spent tidying and pottering with a little bit of sewing. Yesterday Piran and I went to visit Mr C for lunch. Today I had my hair cut, finished a couple of sewing projects and spent some time online. I have now cleared my inbox and written up all pending reviews so now the blog can just be me and my daily drivel until the baby arrives.

It is funny, it was my maternity leave last time that gave me the time to reconnect with blogging and breathe new life into my little bit of the internet. There have been times when posting has been a little thin on the ground but I have kept it up for the past two years and this blog has grown into something so special and precious to me. My memory is shocking and this is my link to everything that has happened to me since becoming a mum. Now we are on the cusp of something amazing, and although I know that blogging time will be thin on the ground over the next few months I really hope that I manage to keep it up enough so that in a year or so I can sit down and read it back and marvel at our family and what we have achieved.

I’m no good at these things but I just wanted to say that if you like reading my blog then perhaps you would consider nominating it for a MAD Award. I had a hard time picking the blogs that I nominated but it felt good to recognise all of the wonderful talent that is out there, and it was really interesting to think about which blogs I love the most.

MAD Blog Awards 2011



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