Review: Annabel Karmel iPhone App

5 04 2011

Initial thoughts: I have never tried any recipe type applications on my phone so this was something quite new to me. I had a quick look around and it is very intuitive to use and easy to find what you need with some really interesting features.

I liked: There are five main sections – recipes, articles, planner, shopping and more. The recipes and the planner are broken down by age into 4 groups – first foods, 6-9 months, 9-12 months and Toddler. We were at the toddler stage and there are lots of different recipes in this section to try as well as a separate section for toddler desserts.  There are useful conversion charts in the more section – telling you that a large onion should be around 5oz and a medium one around 4oz (I always wondered). In the articles section there is lots to read including tips for each age and stage of weaning. There are also instructional videos – some for whole recipes and others for techniques like peeling a butternut squash. If you decide you want to make a particular recipe you simply tap the add to shopping list button and the ingredients are transferred to the list. You can also add to a planner, allowing you to meal plan for the week. If that is too much you can simply use the suggested weekly planner instead.

I didn’t like: I followed a Baby Led Weaning approcach with Piran and so finger foods were our staple foods and there are very few recipes in this application that would have suited us in the early stages. If you follow the puree weaning route then this is much more suitable. I was disappointed that there were not more finger food recipes and suggestions however as it is a good idea for all babies to learn to feed themselves and handle their own foods. Now that Piran can use a fork and spoon there are a lot more recipes in here that I could try.

Overall: A good application, particularly if you are starting weaning with purees. If you were going to buy one of her recipe books then this could be a good alternative as at £4.99 it is around the same price as a book and contains 100 recipes, although not all will be suitable for your baby as it would depend on their age.

Further information: Click on the link for further information on the Annabel Karmel iPhone App. It can be purchased and downloaded from the App Store / iTunes and if you would like to see some of her recipes check out the website.




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