2 04 2011

Well, it has all been a bit doom and gloom around here recently, and sadly things haven’t got any better (actually they got worse – now Mr C and I both have the lurgy and Piran is still not well). But I have decided, enough is enough. Today is about sitting quietly in the sun, getting some fresh air, letting the breezes through the house and taking some time just to be.

The sun was lovely in the garden on our new bench this morning so I decided that it was time to take some pictures of my recent projects.

You have seen this quilt before – it is the one that I made at my quilting course. But here it is in all its glory with the binding finished. 

I couldn’t be happier with it at all. I was so pleased with the way that the fabrics go together and I love, love, love the bird back. I can imagine little dresses made from that fabric.

It has become Piran’s blanket of choice for snuggling on the sofa, and he has been doing a lot of that recently. So this is now officially his quilt.

I bought this quilt pack from Saints and Pinners. I thought it would be an easy one as it was just stripes. The top and binding is Forest Friends Organic Flannel. I could stroke this all day, and I am so pleased with how it turned out. It is for Thumper really.

It took me an age to decide what to use on the back but in the end I went for this Michael Miller Bits and Pieces on a cream background. I was so pleased with how well it went with the binding.

I started cutting the squares for this next quilt a year ago. I went through my scrap basket and each square is made with material left over from all of the different projects from the year before.

I laid them all out and sewed them all together. It was my first attempt at making patchwork and I found it quite hard. I sewed the border on, bought the backing fabric and then it just got left on the side.

I put it together with the wadding a while later and attempted to sew it on my machine. It did not go well.

So again it sat on the side. After I got my new sewing machine, and had learned where I had been going wrong I sat down and unpicked it and started again. A new piece of wadding that fit, I had to trim the borders down quite a bit too.

I simply quilted the straight lines down as the across squares on the top don’t match up very well. It worked out okay.

I used existing material for the binding and got it finished. It is not brilliant but it is finished.

It is called my sewing quilt and it is the biggest of the three. I am pleased that I finally managed to see it through to the end, and I love that each square reminds me of someone or something I have made.

A recent project, one started and finished in the same week were these bumpers for the baby crib. Piran didn’t sleep in here for more than a week because it always looked so open and I really want Thumper to stay in here for a while if possible or we will have to buy a new cot as Piran is still using his.

I love this fabric. The slightly retro feel, the colours. The fact is it pretty and girly and no pink in sight.

In fact I loved it so much that I have bought some fat quarters in similar fabric to make another quilt for Thumper. You can never have too many quilts, right?

Finally, this picture is my first attempt at free machine embroidery. I built it up out of fabric stiock together with bondaweb and then stitched all the edges and the writing and the heart using the machine. Then I added a couple of buttons for knobs on the radio and framed it.

I need more practice with the writing and I managed to bend one sewing machine needle and broke a second but I am so proud of this. I am waiting to hear what my mum thinks of it when she opens it tomorrow as it is her Mother’s Day present.

Now I am on maternity leave I have a long list of projects. I have started a quilt for Mr C as he is feeling left out and then there is the one to match the bumpers for Thumper. I want to make some baby gifts for friends, Mr C wants a gardening tool belt, and I have cushions and bits to make for Piran’s room. Just so long as I can get close to the sewing machine I will be okay!




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