Sweet dreams

1 04 2011

This is my current bed. It’s a bit hard to see but basically I am sleeping on the sofa of the Ikea click clack sofa bed we have in our spare room.

Our house is once again the house of germs. Another bad weekend with Piran where his temperature reached 40 degrees and couldn’t be bought down for hours, where he lay listless and panting on the sofa and I thought my heart would break with the worry has lead to all three of us suffering with very bad coughs.

Now it is Friday again. On Monday night I had chest pains that scared me half to death but they simply resulted in a cough that makes me sound like I’m about to turn myself inside out. God I miss cough medicine. On Tuesday Piran & I went to the doctors. They checked him top to bottom and yes, you guessed it, a virus he cannot shift. Please come back in a week if he is still ill, please drop a urine sample* in just in case. I was checked and pronounced fine, phantom chest pains not withstanding.

Since then Piran has been on a roller coaster, one minute cheerful, the next crying and whining and asking to lie on the sofa under his quilt. It’s hard, so very hard going. I spent Wednesday feeling twingey, and coming down with this cold. Backache has appeared in full force. I am officially fed up of being pregnant. It just makes everything so hard.

Piran sleeps but has great coughing fits in the night. These are loud and scary and all he wants is to be in our bed. Anyone who has slept with a toddler will understand that this means feet and fists and wriggles and horizontal starfish sleeping. If I am in the bed he demands cuddles, which is difficult as I have 2 sleeping positions that have to be alternated every hour or so and one of them requires me to turn my back on him. That’s no good so I am here, on a hard sofa and Mr C is asleep with a small child on his head next door.

I want to get back to normal! I want to sleep in my own bed with my husband and I want Piran in his bed. But as he is ill, and because at the end of the day if we all at least get to sleep the days are less fraught and easier to manage we are in this pattern. Soon there will be a 4th person too. It’s going to start to get a bit too crowded in my bedroom.

I’m bored of people shaking their heads when I admit he is in with us every night. In the past, when he has got better he has happily gone back to his cot. It’s just this time he has been ill for so long that chances are it will be harder now. But what can I do?

*this has not yet happened despite a couple of tries. Twitter has been a wealth of suggestions but it’s just not working. He is drinking a lot less fluids than usual and eating little which doesn’t help.




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