28 03 2011

I never understood how amazing small children really were. I mean I knew that they would learn but I had no idea that they would change so quickly or so soon. Piran amazes me every day with what he learns and what he already knows.

I could sit here and wax lyrical about how special he is, how advanced, but I actually think that it is my ignorance that makes me feel that this is the case. I just never spent any time around small children before.

He is very good at playing by himself. If the mood takes him he can play for long periods of time at imagined games. Most of the time I am unsure of the rules but he seems happy and if there is anything he wants then he will ask me for it (usually ‘Choo-choo’ or ‘more cars’). He is very good at building towers and loves making things with his mega bloks.

He wants to know and learn so much these days. He is interested in everything that I do. It is the day to day stuff that he wants to do now. Things in the kitchen, loading the washing machine, wiping things. He understands the instructions that I give him. Now it has warmed up he loves being outside with his Dad, watering the plants, poking and prodding and working things out.

I love to show him things, but even more I love to watch. The concentration on his face. The furrowed brow as he tries something over and over. The smile that lights his face as he works something out. At this age all they do is play, I find it so fascinating how everything they do teaches them something new.





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