If I had time…

25 03 2011
The Passage of Time
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…I would…

write some letters.
file all my emails and clear my inbox.
write up all my pending reviews.
pack my hospital bag.
go shopping and stare at small baby clothes.
design a new blog header.
organise the spare room.
sew presents for people.
make Piran some trousers.
make Mr C a quilt.
search the internet for things to make.
comment on all my favourite blogs.
pamper myself.
read a book.
read the last two Ideal Home magazines.
have a cup of tea.
write some blog posts.
make Piran a birthday card to send to cbeebies.
bake cakes for people at work.
clear all the ironing.
empty and sort the last two cupboards.
do something nice for someone.
sit in the sunshine.
get the washing off the line.
make something for me.
go to the shops to buy fabric and ribbon.
sort and organise all my fabric.
find a place for everything.
browse the antiques shops in Lewes to fill my dresser with pretty things.
sit in a cafe and write.
send a postcard to all of my friends to cheer them up.
cuddle my husband.
take things to the charity shop.
straighten my hair.
paint my nails.
smile at a stranger.

I originally wrote a very similar post back in July last year. I came across it when searching for a post for this week’s blog hop and I thought I would just write an up to date version!

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