It just doesn’t work

8 03 2011

Piran has never been a consistent sleeper but this week has been waking every hour or so. The best way for us to deal with this is have him in bed with us. Which is normally fine but a 6 foot tall man, a toddler and a 7 month pregnant lady don’t fit too well in the bed. It’s Piran “Starfish” C that’s the problem!

So we have been managing this by one of us sleeping in the spare room, with the other one sharing our bed with Piran.

Last night went like this:

Piran: Waaaaaaaaaaah

Mr C: There, there. *cuddle* *backrub*

Piran: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Later, when we switched & it was my turn.

Piran: Waaaaaaaaaaah
Me: There, there. *cuddle* *backrub*
Piran: *wiggle* *sits up* *lies down on my head*
Me: Piran, that’s not very comfortable.
Piran: Mum-meeee, mum-meeee, mum-meeee.

At this point Thumper wakes up and starts using the inside of my stomach as a treadmill. I cry out in pain, and realise that I have to move. Extract Piran from my head and try to get comfortable.

Piran: Waaaaaaaaaaah

Acid washes up my throat meaning that I have to sit up and drink milk.


Me: Piran honey, Mummy is very sorry, but she has to make herself feel better and arrange her pillows before she can cuddle you.


Mr C: *appearing in doorway* Shall I sleep in here?

Me: I just can’t do it. Waaaaaaaaaaah

Piran: Waaaaaaaaaaah

Mr C: There, there. *cuddle* *backrub*

Piran: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

When I thought about being pregnant I knew it would be hard with a toddler, running around after him, the lifting, the nappy changes.

I didn’t think about the nights. I can look after him but I can’t do it in bed. Which means going downstairs to sit in the chair or sofa. Which in turn doesn’t help him get back to sleep. It’s frustrating and sad that I can’t really help. Mr C has to take the brunt of it at night. I hate being unable to look after my boy. However I just have to accept it, and I do realise that I will have the new baby to look after at night soon, and Mr C will be in charge of Piran, so it’s all just starting a little earlier.

At least I had 6 hours sleep in the spare room last night!




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