Review: Ovi Own Voice Software for the Nokia N8

1 03 2011

Initial thoughts: When we received the delivery from the States I was very excited. It contained a suitcase with a magical pop up book and the new Nokia N8 phone. Totally amazing. After charging up the phone I tried to use it but have to admit I found it all very confusing. I think having an iPhone has ruined me for life. I used to love Nokia’s! Luckily I was meant to be reviewing the Ovi Own Voice software, not the phone.

I liked: It was easy to find the software on the home screen and quick to connect to my home broadband connection. It was simple to create a new voice pack by following the on screen instructions. You were told to make sure you were in a quiet place and to relax and speak naturally. It encourages you to be creative if you like too. I recorded my own voice but you could use anyone. The kids would be fun! I recorded mine quite normally but had fun shouting “Oi! Don’t Speed, you don’t want another ticket do you?’ instead of ‘Observe speed limit’ in preparation for using while Mr C was driving. If you don’t want to listen to yourself there are other people’s voice packs you can use and I was happy to see a Cornish one, which would have reminded me of home. If you like yours a lot you can share it with the world too.

I didn’t like: I hate hearing my voice recorded, convinced that I sound like a cross between a five year old and a Teletubby. But that is just me and I can see that it would be nicer than listening to the normal SatNav voices, especially if you recorded your kids. When I was recording the commands I found at times that I was a bit keen to hit the stop recording button and chopped the end off what I was saying so had to re-record. Sadly, when I tried to use the phone outside of my home I just couldn’t get it to work so I have been unable to test the actual SatNav itself.

Overall: I actually tend to use the SatNav without the voice on anyway, so I don’t think this is something that I would purposefully use. However if I did buy the phone it is a nice little thing to have and the software is on the phone and simple to use. From looking at the website it is free to download and there seems to be a list of compatible handsets. I think I may have liked it more if I got to take it out and about with me, and I think Piran would have found it fun to hear my voice coming out of the phone.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Nokia N8 phone in a snazzy suitcase with an amazing pop up book in order to review this piece of software. Sadly I have been unable to use the phone outside of the house and my attempts to contact the PR have not worked so I have only reviewed the Ovi Own Voice application here, which was the point but it would have been nice to try it out on the road. This is why it has taken me a couple of months to write the review as I kept hoping that I would be able to get it working.




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