Quilting for beginners workshop, day two.

28 02 2011

On Friday last week Piran went off with his Auntie and Nanny to the zoo and I made my merry way back to the Owl and Sewing Cat over in Eastbourne for day two of my quilting course. I had enjoyed week one a great deal and was looking forward to getting back down to it and finishing my quilt.

We started by ‘stitching the ditch’ up and down the grid on the front of the quilt that was made up of the four fat quarters. You can just about see the stitching here on the back. I am afraid to say that I found it quite difficult to stay in a straight line. Practice makes perfect though and I was getting there at the end, I just needed to keep going and be more consistent with my speed. Our machine had a walking foot on it but you needed to go at a very slow steady pace to keep the control and I struggled with that at the beginning.

The next step was to mark out the pattern we were going to quilt in the squares. We were provided with a template and we marked up a few squares at a time and then we had to forget the straight lines and get on with the wiggly ones!

Again, it was a trial and error kind of thing and I did have a few problems where I was stopping and moving the fabric and then starting again creating a jump in the lines. But I must admit that I preferred doing these wavy lines to the straight ones!

Then we did a wave along the border, which I think you can see in this picture below. That was my favourite part, I found it the easiest of all and as it was one continuous line I got in the groove and it turned out really well.

We then just stitched on the border strips, flipped them over and tacked them to the back ready for hand sewing. By then it was nearly 5pm and time to go home!

Here is the finished item with me, as proud as anything!

Two nights of TV watching later and the binding is fully hand sewn into place and the quilt is completed. It is a thing of beauty and it is mine, all mine. I did think that it might be for Thumper but I very rarely make anything for myself so I have decided to keep it. I am already dreaming up fabric combinations for one for her.

I really had an amazing time, I loved sitting sewing in the shop and I am keeping an eye on the sewing classes that they have coming up once I am on maternity leave, if I can get close enough to a table / sewing machine that is!




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