Quilting for beginners workshop, day one.

20 02 2011

A friend who is fully aware of my fabric addictions came over a few weeks ago and she bought me an article she had pulled out of a local magazine about a new fabric shop called Owl and Sewing Cat over in Eastbourne. I noticed that it had a website and had to have a little look. I was interested to see that they ran sewing classes and a 2 day Quilting for Beginners course caught my eye. So, last Friday I waddled off to Eastbourne for my class. I was very nervous but I had a really great time.

The shop is relatively small but packed to the ceilings with beautiful things. It is set out really well too with a table with sewing machines for workshops and demonstrations. Spending 6 hours there it was very tempting to go mad and spend all of my money on fabric but thankfully I had other things to keep me busy. There were four of us on the course in total. We got settled and had a bit of an introduction from the tutor Yvonne, and then it was straight into the sewing.

It was really nice to be sat sewing with other people. I am so used to just being in my spare room all alone. There were times when we chatted and times when you could have heard a pin drop (there were plenty of those) we were all concentrating so much.

The quilt is made from four fat quarters cut into 8 and a half inch squares and sewn together with a quarter inch seam allowance. Then we added a 4 inch border. I was relieved that I managed to get all my birds the right way up and the sequence right on each row! (I splashed out and chose this Michael Miller fabric. I big fat squishy heart it). We were taught how to iron the seams and pin the rows together so that your squares met perfectly at the corners. I was very impressed.

I had my camera, my phone and a book for notes. I do not trust my baby brain. I am in love with this machine. It is so much better than mine. I think that now I am sure that sewing isn’t just a passing phase, that I love it like I do that I should buy myself a good machine.

Another period of concentration and I had my borders on. It was done in a way I hadn’t seen before and was really easy.

So pretty! Then we had time to put the layers together. My quilt is backed with the bird fabric, and has a polyester wadding in the middle. After much smoothing I was introduced to my new dream tool, the micro stitch. A magic little gun that shoots little plastic tacks through the material to keep the layers together. No pins. No basting. Click, click, click, done.

I went click, click, click, add micro stitch to wish list. It was just amazing.

That was the end of day one. I had such a great time and in the quiet periods I amused myself by tweeting my progress and had some great comments. Next week we are back to learn how to machine quilt and then add the binding. It was just so nice to have the opportunity to do something I really love and learn some new skills.

I will definitely take more pictures next week and show you all how I got on. I highly recommend their sewing classes if you live anywhere near – check out their website. If you don’t live near they have a selection of their fabrics for sale online.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post or review. I paid for the course myself and I am just writing about it because I had such a wonderful time.




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