Review: Baby Loves Disco at The Komedia, Brighton

15 02 2011

Our Sunday afternoon was a little more exciting last weekend as instead of having lunch with the inlaws and mooching around the house Piran and I had a date with some friends and Baby Loves Disco at The Komedia in Brighton. I really wasn’t sure what to expect at a disco for small people and it certainly was an experience!

We arrived and after queuing for a short while went upstairs in a lift to stow the buggy and then downstairs to the basement to party. Piran was wide eyed and amazed at what he saw. The room was set up with a big dancefloor, a few tables and chairs around for resting those tired legs and some various tables around the room. There was food included in the ticket price (£8 per person / child, non walkers allowed in for free) and it included a simple spread of savory snacks, fruit and fruit juice. No sweets in sight which was good.

It took me a little while to adjust to the fact it was a club filled with babies and small children. It was hot and dark and very disco, with flashy lights. I have been to the Komedia many times before but I am usually watching comedy and drinking. It was a good venue for it though and the room size / access was great. I met up with friends and their small people and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

None of my photos came out very well at all but you get the idea!

For the adults the fully licensed bar was open so if a room full of tiny dancers was a bit much for you (it was like 10 children’s parties all in one room!) then you could grab a beer or glass of wine. At one point there were free ice lollies for the children, although I didn’t see anyone giving them out. There was free face painting and a ‘chill out zone’ with toys and various bits for the under threes.

The music was strictly disco, no kids music at all which was great. The music did remind me of a wedding reception disco but it was all fun and easy for the kids to dance to. There were dance competitions and prize winners as well as free face painting which was lovely.

Piran unfortunately at 18 months found it all a little overwhelming and for most of the afternoon insisted that I held him or clung to my legs. At 6.5 months pregnant that was a little interesting to say the least and my back and arms were killing me by the end! I think in future I will wait until he is a bit older before we return and get our groove on. He did let me get far enough away to take this picture and he looks like he is having fun!

For more information check out the Baby Loves Disco website – there are dates in London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. The next date in Brighton is Sunday 15th May.

Disclaimer: Piran and I were given free entry to the event for the purpose of this review. I will admit I was pretty impressed he was on the guest list of his first disco ever.




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