Review: Lumilove Penguin Nightlight from Pabobo

8 02 2011

First impressions: I love anything penguin so I was very excited when this light arrived. Piran was also quite keen and grabbed it and ran off with it. Not great when it needs charging!

We liked: It is a great shape for little hands to hold. It has small cold LED lights so doesn’t get warm so I didn’t mind if Piran picked it up. It has a nice blue glow and isn’t too bright. Each full charge is meant to give eleven hours of light, and I think it is probably longer as it is still glowing when I get Piran up after 12 or so hours.

We didn’t like: I don’t understand why it doesn’t glow when it is on the base. It has an on / off button on its base so in my mind I would have liked it to glow when charging too, as I could use the button to turn the light off if I wanted. If I forget to place it back on the base every morning then we don’t have it for that night.

Edited: Statement from Pabolo: You said you don’t understand why it doesn’t glow when on its base. We would have liked it but an EC Standard settle that a product which is charging can’t be glowing on its base. It is to avoid children to be attracted to the light or to the power plug. However, This EC standard enable the use of the Lumilove Penguin from birth.

Overall: I really like this nightlight and we will continue to use it. I like the idea that Piran could carry it to the toilet in the night when he is older. Unfortunately I am unable to find the penguin for sale in the UK, but you can get this ghost shaped one from Amazon.

Further information: Check out the Pabolo website for further information on their products. The chain light is very cute.

Disclosure: We were sent the Lumilove Penguin free of charge for the purpose of this review.




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