Third trimester, the downhill stretch?

7 02 2011

Time is a funny thing when you are pregnant. On the one hand that Sunday back in August when I found out I was pregnant feels like a lifetime ago. On the other hand I can’t believe that we are six months in and only have 12 weeks left. 12 WEEKS. That isn’t long at all. Mind you, I am expecting it to be more like 14 weeks, we have been down this road before.

No idea why I am doing my Wallace and Gromit smile – Cheese!

I am certainly pregnant now that’s for sure. My bump aches and I have a lot of heartburn! I think it is amazing how much you actually forget about being pregnant once it is all over. I keep feeling things, or things start happening and it all comes flooding back. Things I now remember I have to look forward to include being unable to remove my socks, having to get out of bed to turn over, stretch marks, the hormones, gestational amnesia and general pregnancy madness. Oh and waddling and being unable to get off the sofa in one go.

Things are very different this time round though. For one thing I didn’t know how easy I had it first time! There is a lot of bending and lifting required with an 18 month old and it gets very sore and tiring. I just don’t have time for all of the daydreaming and mooning that I did last time. I can remember getting Piran’s nursery ready, going in there every day to look at things and rearrange and just fold and sort and dream. I remember the excitement of putting together the crib and cot and carefully ironing and folding and putting the tiny clothes into drawers. So far I just haven’t had the time to get excited. Perhaps when I finish work and have a couple days a week to myself I will get the chance. I hope to spend time making things for the new baby anyway, which will be lovely.

There is a certain amount of guilt that comes along with a second baby. I know that I will love her as much as I love Piran but I wonder how he will react and what will happen when she arrives. This time round the baby doesn’t even get her own room yet. She will eventually but not until it is time for her to move out of ours because her room is our spare room and we will need it for the influx of grandparents from Cornwall and other visitors. I am still not even sure how we will work the rooms as we will still need somewhere for these people to sleep when they come and stay.

I have bought her a couple little bits of clothing but we have a lot more gender neutral things for newborn and 0-3 months than I thought we did. It is a good thing though as I have discovered a weird thing about pink. I just don’t like it. I had absolutely no idea!

I wonder if these next few months will go fast or slow? I am working two days a week until the end of March and then my maternity leave starts. I am keen to ensure that Piran’s routine stays the same as much as possible so he will still be looked after by his Nanny and Grandad on Monday morning and all day Wednesday and go to nursery on Monday and Friday afternoon. I am also trying to think of some lovely things for us to do together before the baby comes, before I get too big! I think that we will start with the Sealife centre in Brighton.

If you have come to read this post from the Huggies website, welcome and thanks for reading. Please feel free to read more of my recent posts, I blog about life with a toddler and being pregnant and everything else in between. 




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