One and a half

1 02 2011

Dear Piran,

Wow, here we are again. Another three months has passed and you are now 18 months old. Today you and I had a little half-birthday tea with your favourite curry and a gingerbread man as a treat afterwards. You fed yourself and I ducked the flying food. One and a half sounds so old to me.

You change almost every day. The reason I started writing these letters was to capture everything that you learn and do. Every three months might be too far apart now, I could write one every week.

You are amazing. You are a funny, silly, gorgeous little man. You smile all the time. You are happy and cheerful and very rarely grumpy even when you are ill. You have a strong personality and do not like being told off, or being told not to do something. You are able to throw amazing screaming fits if I take something off you, but if I ignore you they are soon forgotten.

You have not been sleeping very well over the past few months. You were ill for a long time over Christmas and we were away, staying with your Gaga and Grandad in Cornwall and for two weeks no one got a lot of sleep. We were all ill for a month and I hated to see you sad and quiet. Things have got better since the start of January which is a relief for me because I am pregnant and tired a lot of the time. I never get tired of sleepy cuddles though.

The biggest thing that has happened in the past three months is that you have started walking. I taught you to take your first few unaided steps by putting hula hoops all over the front room and making you walk from the sofa to the coffee table to the tv table. You got to fill your face with treats and you started walking just like that. Once you got it you were off, within a week or two crawling was out of the window and you were all over the place. You can be quite wobbly, and you are always bumping into things. You bonk your head or your arm but you just get up, rub it better and go off again. You stomp around, you can wobble round in circles. You love to run into our arms and every night we try and get you to run between the two of us, give us a cuddle then run back to the other. Sometimes you run into my arms so hard that you wake the baby in my tummy.

Since learning to walk you have become a bit more clingy. You like to hold onto our legs and lift one foot as if trying to climb up. You just want a cuddle really. Some days you want me to be by your side all the time. You cry if I even think of leaving the room. You don’t like it if I am doing something I have to be at your beck and call all the time. On Saturday you always want your Daddy more than me. That is okay though, it gives me a break.

You saw snow again this year and we took you out in it. You were not very keen and wanted to go back inside quite quickly but you did think that Daddy throwing snowballs at your feet was very funny. You seem a bit concerned about being outside but we have started slowly, taking you out in the garden and walking around out the front of our house and you are gaining in confidence. You liked being in the garden with Daddy and he is looking forward to the summer when you can help him outside. It is a bit cold out there at the moment.

You didn’t really notice Christmas. You loved being with your cousins and being spoilt rotten by Gaga and Grandad. You learnt to stand next to your highchair when you were hungry. You loved being with Gaga and for a while she was your favourite. You went to see Father Christmas but you really didn’t like it. You dressed up as him and I took you to work to hand out Secret Santa presents and you were so good and a big hit. Everyone thought you were very cute and you were so well behaved and as cute as ever.

You understand a lot of what we say and tell you. I can see your little brain thinking it all out. You chatter away constantly and have a lot of words now. You say “Ready, Steady, Go” “Where is it?” “What’s that?” Some of the other words you now say are: juice (joos), na-night, all-gone, shoes (shoos), mine, no, yes (ess), mama, daddy, car, cat, hat, duck, quack-quack (wack-wack with duck sign), thank you (ta-too), bye (BYEEEE), hello (elo). I am sure there are more but that is all I can think of now. You wave a lot. You clap. You know what to do when I put a tissue over your nose and say blow. You put your hand over your mouth when you cough. You can feed yourself with a spoon. You no longer have bottles but drink milk from a sippy cup. You demand milk as soon as you are awake. You eat a lot. You often have two breakfasts. You now know how to give a proper cuddle with your arms around us, and proper lips kisses if we are lucky. You can point out your nose and ears and head but you don’t like to perform much. You had your first haircut last week, it broke my heart to get rid of your curls but the mullet really didn’t suit you.

In exactly three months today your sister is due to arrive. I am almost certain that she will be a little late, as you were but we will all be poised for big changes around here. The good news is that the weather will be warmer and we will all be able to get out more. Having a small baby around the house will be very strange for all of us. I will be busy and tired but you must know that I will love you as much as I always have. You will have a little sister to look after and protect and love.

We love you very much little boy. You have taught me valuable lessons over the past 18 months and I am sure that there will be a lot more. I promise to always love you, to always be here for you, to hold your hand. I love that I am starting to see you learn and that I am here to teach you things. I will always be grateful for every moment we spend together, every cuddle that you give me. You have changed our lives for the better and we wouldn’t give that up for the world. Some evenings your Dad and I just sit downstairs and talk about everything that you do that we love. You are wondrous to us.

You and I have an exciting few months ahead of us. I plan on making sure that we fit lots of fun things in and you can watch my belly get bigger. Any chance you can learn to put my shoes on?

All my love,

Mum x




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