Review: Milk and More

29 01 2011

Initial thoughts: When I was contacted and offered the chance to review the service from Milk and More I was very interested although I had never heard of them before. They kindly set me up with some credit in my account and then it was up to me to order. 

We liked: I find the website very easy to use. If you pop in your postcode it tells you the name of your milkman and the days that he delivers. We have used the service on a number of occasions, you just make sure you have placed your order by 9pm the night before a delivery day and in our case it has been on our doorstep by 7am the next morning. The milkman came a little later on the first delivery to ensure that he had the correct house too which I thought was great service. All of the products that we have ordered have been in stock and good quality. There is a variety of items available, the obvious milk, dairy, juice as well as a small range of other groceries. A bit like the stock of a small corner shop I would say. Delivery is free and we can get three deliveries a week if we want. You can set up a regular delivery or just get items delivered on a one off basis.

We didn’t like: The prices are a bit more expensive than our usual supermarket but not hugely so. The biggest difference I noticed was on the price of milk, but it is easily written off against the price of petrol getting to town for us to the shops. In the past month the delivery days in my area changed and I don’t think that we were notified at all, so when I went to order for delivery one day I found out that I couldn’t get anything for two days. That said the new days actually suit us better so it worked out okay.

Overall: We seem to be getting in the habit of getting a delivery of bacon and eggs every Saturday morning which has been perfect. I can see that I will definitely continue to use the service, I suspect it will be a godsend when the new baby comes. We used it when it there was heavy snow forecast and it meant that we had the basics just in case we couldn’t get to the shops.

Piran helping me unpack our delivery this morning.

 Further information: Check out the Milk and More website for further details.

Disclosure: I opened and account with Milk and More and they kindly credited my account with money so that I could make repeated purchases to test the site. We then ate and drank everything we ordered!




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