A short list of things I’ve learnt this week (the pregnancy edition)

24 01 2011

Not content with traveling round the world Victoria appears to have started a bit of a blogging craze. She has been making lists of things she has been learning on her travels. I have seen UK versions from Jen and Heather and so I am jumping on the bandwagon!

A short list of things I have learnt this week (the pregnancy edition)

1. Bending over is far too common when you have an 18 month toddler to look after.

2. My arse is huge.

3. Piran is just the right height to be knocked over by the bump and the aforementioned arse.

4. I feel pregnant ALL the time.

5. Jelly babies are the best and most delicious thing in the world.

6. It is possible to have indigestion and heartburn so bad that it wakes you up.

7. Hormones can make me very ranty indeed.

8. Mr C is a very brave man who finds my ranting funny.

9. I never get tired of watching my tummy move.

10. Thumper likes to use something inside me as a trampoline. This is not comfortable and can send me shooting out of my seat.




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