Clifford James Review: Dr Keller Men’s Slippers

15 01 2011

Initial thoughts: Shortly before Christmas Mr C was moaning that he needed new slippers. So when I received an email asking if we would like some to review I decided to be nice and ask him if he wanted to pick some. He chose the Dr Keller style in Grey. When they arrived he said he thought that they looked very nice and warm.

He liked: Mr C informs me that the slipper are very comfortable, warm and easy to slip on and off. He really lies the grey colour instead of the usual brown slippers that he has. The hard soles are non slip so can be worn outside for those quick trips emptying the bin!

He didn’t like: The slippers have a small lip at the back. He found that this just got squashed and didn’t keep his feet in so he is not sure what it is for! If it is to make the slippers stay on better he would like it to be a bit bigger. I noticed that where he put his feet on the shelf on our coffee table it left a black mark from the soles so I had to ask him to stop doing that!

Overall: Mr C thinks that these were good value for money and he would buy them again. They fit very well and he wears them all the time at home, which is good for me because I get fed up of him wearing outdoor shoes indoors all of the time.

Further information: These slippers cost £9.99 from Clifford James. There are many styles to choose from and delivery is £3.95.

Disclaimer: We were sent a pair of slippers free of charge for the purpose of this review.




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