Random acts of kindness

13 01 2011

The weather is rubbish, grey and damp but it is not raining so I decide to risk it. This trip is not just for us. There is something that I need to do, and fresh air will be good for us. I bundle us both up in coats and make sure that the raincover is in the buggy. We stomp up the road, dodging mud on pavements and round the roadworks by the roundabout. I wish I had bought my hat, my ears are a little cold. Piran waves and shouts ‘bye’ at every car that swishes past. I call out the colours as they go past ‘red car, green lorry, white van’. Piran taps himself on his head and says ‘hat, hat, hat’. Oops, perhaps he wants his one too, but he never keeps it on. I pull his hood up over his ears and attempt to put his hands back in his mittens. The mittens are off seconds later.

My muscles ache and the pain in my side from weeks of coughing is still present but the fresh air and exercise and what I need. I fret that I am completely out of shape, the walk takes longer than usual, I feel like an old person. I worry this means that labour will be harder, recovery long and difficult. But then I think of a new baby and how all that fades. I chat to Piran, testing out names for his sister. He has no opinion.

Then we are there. The butcher is friendly. Piran is too teasy about being in the buggy for me to browse in the wool shop but I quickly choose two birthday cards and a crochet hook. One last stop I tell him. The reason that we came. The post office.

He twinkes at the people behind the counter as I send my precious parcels. They are only little things. Gifts for two friends that I know have been having a hard time recently. Surprises.

This is why I came. I want to send some of my happiness to others. I am blessed, we have everything we need, and a lot more besides. I like to try and do these things for my friends on a regular basis. For real life friends I bake a cake, buy some tulips, bring lunch to their house when they are ill. For friends further away it is usually a small gift or a card that I saw that I thought they would like. A book I read that I want to pass on. Some sweets for a stressed friend.

This is my way of giving. This is what I do to try and make a small difference to people’s lives. To show them that I am their friend, that I think of them, that they matter to me. That I value our friendship.

There are many ways to give. I donate to charities and get involved where I can but at the end of the day I struggle to know how I make a difference, what my money does. In my small acts of kindness I hope that I give people small moments of happiness.

I have heard a lot about paying it forward, where if someone does something nice for you, you in turn do something nice for someone else. I hope that they might do just that.

This was my post for the writing workshop, the prompt was giving. Why don’t you join in?




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