Shloer Review

11 01 2011

Initial thoughts: I was contacted shortly before Christmas asking If I would like some Shloer to try and review. It seemed the best time to give it a try as being pregnant at Christmas you miss out quite a bit on all of the festive drinks! I was sent a bottle of the Rose and White to try.

I liked: The drink was refreshing and very tasty, the rose one in particular I felt tasted quite like a glass of wine! It is carbonated but not too fizzy and it was great as it felt like a special drink with my Christmas dinner, instead of just water or juice. It would be particularly nice on a hot day in Summer (if you can remember what that is like!)

I didn’t like: The only problem that I had was that it is quite acidic and it set off my indigestion after drinking a couple of glasses but that it a personal thing and happens to me with a lot of fruit juice drinks.

Overall: I think that Shloer is a nice alternative to the usual soft drinks you get offered if you are not drinking. It made me feel like I had something special to drink, and wasn’t as fizzy as coke or lemonade so it didn’t fill me up. I don’t think I would buy it all the time, but would definitely pick some up if we were having company or going to a party.

Further information: Can be found on the Shloer website, and they also have a facebook page where you can find recipes and information on any promotions.

Disclaimer: I was sent two bottles of Shloer free of charge for the purpose of this review.




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