Popping in

3 01 2011

Where is the time going? Christmas and New Year was a blur of illness sadly and at the moment of the three of us Piran seems to be the only one that is getting any better. I have the never ending cough and have pulled all my muscles so blowing my nose and coughing and talking are all ridiculously painful. I am so unhappy right now about the whole thing. I want to be happy and look on the bright side and get on with all of the lovely things that I have planned for the start of this year but I just physically cannot manage it. So frustrating.

It is such a shame because I am now 23 weeks pregnant and other than this stupid illness I am feeling so well with it. With Piran I felt pretty much dreadful from week one until week forty two! I think there was a couple weeks in my seventh month that I felt good but this time, since the magic twelfth week I have been great. The bump is coming along nicely, our 21 week scan went brilliantly and we were utterly thrilled to find out that we are having a girl this time. That really hasn’t sunk in yet!

It is just an iPhone photo of the scan picture as I haven’t been in work to scan it in yet. When we were having the scan she kept playing with her feet and then she grabbed her toes and stretched her legs out up and over her head like a little gymnast. It was just amazing. I had a great view, unfortunately poor old Mr C was Piran-wrangling at the same time so he was a little distracted. We hadn’t planned to take Piran along but the snow conspired against us!

I really am enjoying being pregnant again. I feel like a massive lump and I have reached the stage where I try and get through a gap and get stuck! I am wearing maternity clothes and this is all so real. We have nicknamed the baby Thumper as she is such a kicker, so much more than I remember Piran being. She makes my tummy move already, bumpity, bump, bump!

Oh sitting here typing away I feel relaxed and happy and so very excited. I know that this is all going to be such hard work, Piran will only be 21 months and then there will be the chaos that a newborn creates but on the other hand I feel so much more relaxed than last time. At least I know how to be a mum this time. I know I can do it, and all we have to do now is pick a name and prepare ourselves for utter carnage! Exciting!




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