CyberMummy 2011 here I come!

7 12 2010

I have mentioned before that I am a Huggies Mummy and this week they sent me an email that made me squeal with delight while I was at work. Not a lot ever makes me do that!

It was the wonderful news that they will be sponsoring me to attend CyberMummy in June next year. They were very generous and paid for me to go last year and I had such an amazing experience so I am thrilled that I get to go again and see how it has changed and grown.

And this year the chances are I will have my own little bundle of joy in newborn Huggies nappies to accompany me. It will be the perfect opportunity to introduce the lovely people we work with at Huggies and Biss Lancaster to the newest Huggies Baby.

I realise how lucky I am that I have a sponsor and I hope to see all my blogging buddies there again next year. If you are worried about being able to afford a ticket perhaps you would like to check out the 100 Club that Sian @ Mummytips is trying to set up to get seven people a ticket.




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