Tommee Tippee Review – Tip It Up Cup

30 11 2010

Initial thoughts: We were sent a Tommee Tippee Tip It Up cup to review. It looked like every other cup we had been trying but apparently the ‘lip touch technology’ makes it easier to drink from. I had a try myself and it was easier to drink out of than Piran’s Tommee Tippee Explora Easy Drink Cup that we use the most.

We liked: Piran seemed to love this cup, it was the one he kept asking for (well pointing to!). He seemed to drink a lot from it and I liked that it was easy to see how much liquid was inside. The handles made it very easy for him to use.

We didn’t like: Piran quickly worked out that if he inserted his finger into the spout he could get the water out. And sprinkle it all over the room. And himself. And soak his trousers. Fun for him, not so great for me. Also, it seemed that the flow of water went back from his mouth into the cup as I kept having to change the water as bits of food would be floating in it. This never happened with the Explora cup. Also, the lid was separate and I wasn’t happy to rely on it when out and about in my bag so we only used it at home.

Overall: As sippy cups go this is okay. I did find it imiting that I would only use it at home and I wouldn’t want to give him his milk in it as sprinking a bit of water doesn’t matter but milk is a different matter. I think we will stick with out Explora cup for now.

Further information:
Please see the Tommee Tippee website for further information.

Disclosure: We were provided with a free Tip Up Cup for the purpose of this review.




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