My name is Kelly and I am a sippy cup addict

29 11 2010

A short while ago Heather at Young and Younger came clean about an addiction of hers. You can see her vlog here.

Now, when I first saw this I was quite pleased. I finally realised that I was not alone, as I too have an addiction to buying different types of sippy cups and beakers trying to find the one that works for Piran (and for me).

Then it dawned on me. She has TWO babies. A quick count confirmed my suspicions. Although there are 14 cups in the video, there are only 8 different types.

I did make a vlog but was shocked by my appearance after two weeks of colds and sinus infections so I ended up taking the easier option of a photograph. So I give you my current cup collection:

12 different types. It’s sad I know. We use 1-4 regularly, the others are going to be packed away for the next baby! We use number 4 the most – the Tommee Tippee Easy Drink Cup. Piran will drink his milk from this, he also has water from it during the day. I love it because it never leaks, no matter how hard he tries.

There will be a review of number 1 tomorrow so watch this space!




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