11 11 2010

On Tuesday evening Piran slept badly. After a restless night he woke at around 3am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I finally got him to nod off in my bed at 6am, the time I usually get up for work on a Wednesday morning. I had to wake him at 7.15 which broke my heart and his little face was less than impressed (I don’t think he quite got what I was on about when I tried to explain that is how I feel when he wakes me up in the middle of the night!)

Last night I popped him into bed at 7 and he was up again before 8. We had short fits of sleep up until 11 when he woke for good. I finally got him to sleep at 3am, 24 HOURS AFTER I LAST WOKE UP. So, it turns out we both have colds and I like to deal with this by sleeping a lot. He deals with it by being awake a lot. These two things do not go together.

Today has been a marathon of calpol, sneezing, nose blowing, and the occasional cuddle. Each of those cuddles I have relished resting my head onto of his warm brow, tucking him in close and warm. I’m no fool, I know how rare they are! After a rocky start we had a 2 hour nap this morning which helped and I got an hour of fresh air and a change of scene when I popped out for my appointment with the midwife. My MIL came and played with Piran and I went and listened to the new baby’s heartbeat. Was a lovely moment, ruined slightly by the fact all I could think of as I lay on the table in the midwife’s office that if I didn’t concentrate I might just fall asleep then and there!

God, I can’t even write a coherent post and I can hear Piran waking upstairs again, he only went to bed 45 minutes ago. I need to eat some food so I can get through tonight. Last night I had to have porridge at 2am to deal with the empty cold / sick feeling.

I need my Mr C back. I have 29 hours (fingers crossed) until he walks back through that door. I have already warned him that he is on duty from the moment he is back. I plan on sleeping through the ENTIRE weekend.




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