One and a quarter

4 11 2010

Dear Piran,

I hardly know where to start with this letter. Your first birthday seems like an age ago and here we are, another three months down the line. A quarter of a year is a lot at your age!

When you turned one you had just learned how to crawl. These days you are a super speedy crawler, you just zoom off! You love to be chased and stick your head down and just crawl as fast as you can. Sometimes you end up hitting the door or the wall. You really should try and look where you are going.

Over the past three months you have slowly progressed from us holding you standing to you holding onto the furniture and pulling yourself up, then cruising too. Early one Sunday morning, as your Dad was watching TV and you were playing you suddenly just walked past pushing your brick trolley! He was so shocked. Now you like to use anything you can to help you walk and you like to hold our hands and get about. You can stand on your own for quite a long time but you just aren’t ready to let go and try and do this walking lark on your own. Take as much time as you like my love, we will be here to cheer you on and lend a helping hand I promise.

You have been to your first fancy dress party and you loved your Superman costume almost as much as I loved making it for you. It felt so good to make something special for you, I can imagine making many more for you over the years. You hate to get dressed in any clothes and changing your nappy is usually a battle. You flip yourself over and try and run off. You are fast too and one time ended up off the end of the bed before I could catch you. You are strong and fearless. You can climb the stairs and we have taught you how to get off the sofa or chair by turning round and sliding off.

 You are loud. You never stop chatting away, talking to yourself or to us. I always know when you are up to mischief, it is the only time other than when you are asleep that it is quiet. Unfortunately you love the word “No” and you mimic the way I say it and my tone of voice perfectly. Occasionally you add in a wagging finger. We shouldn’t laugh but we do. You are a little comedian really, you have the best expressions and can be very silly. You say “Oh No” when you drop things or fall over. You point and say “What’s Sat” which is very cute but sometimes I run out of things to name.

 Occasionally you have the briefest moments of intense concentration when you are trying to work something out or something fascinates you. In this picture above you were watching the seals swim underwater. You are gorgeous (I may be biased) but tend to be a bit bruised too, from all the running about and crawling and climbing.

You are cheeky and happy and we are so very lucky. You love us very much and sometimes you will come over and lay your head on my lap which makes me melt. You even give us kisses, making a mmmmmm noise then when we come close finishing with a big mwah! God I love that.

I love to see you with your Dad. You worship him, as all little boys should do with their Dad. If he ever dares to come home and not spend enough time saying hello there is hell to pay with tears and shouting from you! The picture above gets me every time. You were not feeling too well and you were inconsolable until you got all snuggled up with your Dad. He does give the best cuddles.

You have sixteen teeth. Your hair is long at the back and short on top. Some people tell me I should cut it but I don’t want to. You used to hate sleeping in our bed but you have not been sleeping so well over the past few weeks and you like to drop off as I cuddle you in my bed now. You are a wriggler but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

In a while things are going to change around here. I am growing you a little baby brother or sister. I worry how you will react but I am thrilled that you will have a friend, someone to play with, someone to love, someone to squabble with, someone on your side. But remember this. I love you. I will always love you. I didn’t know I could have feelings this big about someone so small and it will always be you that taught me that. Nothing will ever change that.

All my love,

Mum x

P.S. I couldn’t resist including this video from earlier today, you thought your Dad’s trick was hilarious (until you were distracted my the TV!)




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