CSN Stores review – Cookware

7 09 2010

This post has been a little delayed as the kind people at CSN gave me a generous gift token to spend on items to review, but their Cookware store has so many great items at such great prices that not only did it take me ages to decide what to get it has also taken me quite a while to have the opportunity to use the things! The website itself was simple and easy to use and has great choice. My only complaint was that I had trouble with the checking out process on the website, if I didn’t do everything perfectly it all fell apart and I would have to start again. It was quite complicated as I was using a voucher to pay but if I had just been trying to buy something I might have given up!

That said, the items came quickly and were delivered and left in the place I requested. Everything arrived in perfect condition, but I did feel that the packaging itself was a little excessive.

I am pleased with all of the items we ordered. In the end we picked:

Le Creuset Large Spatula Spoon in Teal £6.99

I got a few Le Creuset Teal items as wedding presents. I wanted a plastic spatula for Mr C so he would stop using my wooden spoons to make scrambled egg. I hate when you can’t get the egg off the spoon when you are washing up! Unfortunately, he still uses the wooden spoon at times but we have used this almost every day!

Cooling rack – £4.99

Not much you can say about this. Here is it in action!

Emile Henry Classics Ceradon 30cm Le Grande Pie Dish – currently £20.99

I have wanted a proper pie dish for ages and this was the first pie I made in it. It was perfect and yummy and so much better than making pies in pyrex dishes. 

Creative Tops Granite Work Top Saver in Black – £14.99

We have a very small work surface in our kitchen and I have a bad habit of not getting a chopping board and just cutting things on the worktop so this granite worktop saver has been great. It is always there, simple to clean and great for putting hot dishes on when I take them out of the oven. The only downside is it is very heavy so cleaning up the crumbs from underneath is sometimes a struggle, so perhaps wood might have been a better option. I love it though and as you can see from the pie picture, it matches my worktops. 

Disclosure: All of these items were provided free of change for the purpose of this review and in response to this post.




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