Hello Baby Review – Brio Magnetic Stacking Train

31 08 2010

Initial thoughts: I knew that Brio made wooden trains and tracks for children but I didn’t realise that they had such a wide range of toys available. When we were sent the magnetic stacking train for review I was really interested to see what our first Brio toy would be be like.

We liked: The train is made up of 11 brightly coloured pieces. They are shiny and tactile. Piran seemed interested straight away. Anything with wheels is a hit in this house and the bottom of the train is played with a lot.

We didn’t like: The toy is for 12 months plus which is Piran’s age! However, he plays with the bricks but I have not yet seem him work out that the blocks stack onto the train. I have played with it too, and it took me a little while to work out that the blocks need to go on a certain way for the magnets to be strong so the blocks don’t fall off when you try and use the train!

Overall: This is a well made, good looking toy. I think that it will be better for Piran as he gets older, at the moment he just likes to play with the bricks!

Further information:
The Brio Magnetic Stacking Train is available from online nursery and baby shop Hello Baby priced £12.99

Disclaimer: We were provided with a Brio Magnetic Train free of change for the purpose of this review.




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