Nutella – not chocolate spread, halzelnut spread!

30 08 2010

The week before last I was thrilled to be invited to a Nutella breakfast briefing at Legoland. It didn’t take me long to say yes, nutella and lego, what more could a girl want?

We set off early and arrived nice and early at Legoland. We parked in the hospitality car park and I could see quite a few other people hanging around in their cars. I checked twitter and spotted a couple people tweeting they were there already. Then I embarrassed myself by leaning on the horn by accident. How to draw attention to myself! Finally everyone seemed to be moving so we got out of the car and followed the bloggers! After settling the children in with the lovely childminders and clowns in  a room full of balloons we all went upstairs for breakfast.

After introductions and a quick hello from Ferrero UK’s Marketing Director, Mauro de Felip, we had two very interesting discussions. The first was from Professor Karen Pine, a psychologist who spoke to us about food and children. I found it all very interesting, and there were some great discussions round the table afterward. Karen told us the key to developing a good relationship with food is EAT!
Example: lead by example, we should sit down and share meals together eating the same food.
Attention: don’t draw too much attention to their eating habits. Do not use food as a bargaining tool, try and be relaxed about the whole process.
Try, try, try again: I was interested to here that research has shown that you may need to offer a child a food more than 10 times for them to try and like it. Which is a good thing to know while we are weaning, I have noticed that some foods Piran has rejected in the past he now likes (bananas in particular) so perseverance is the key!

Then Sian Porter, a consultant dietitian spoke to us about the importance of breakfast. I have never been a fan of breakfast, although since starting my maternity leave last year I have made myself have breakfast every day and I definitely feel better for it. It was the last meal Piran seemed to get the hang of, but now at times he has so much to eat that he then doesn’t want lunch! Sian explained that children should get 20% of their food intake at breakfast and it should be varied and balanced. There were a niumber of people there who didn’t feel that a chocolate spread was a great breakfast option but we learned that Nutella is a hazelnut spread (it just has 7% cocoa in it) and that like for like a portion (15g, 2 teaspoons) of Nutella has less fat and sugar than the equivalent of butter and jam.

They gave us some information on the new Nutella Website Wake up to Nutella and some interesting recipies to try (including Nutella obviously). 

I really enjoyed the breakfast briefing, not just because of the nutella, beautiful bread and plenty of tea! Afterwards we had a cookery demonstration from Alan Coxon, who was a font of interesting food facts! He made some breakfast treats including Nutella and then we had a go in teams. I am not really a fan of all this but here was our entry!

I was glad to go and find Piran and then we went off to Legoland, thank you to Nutella for paying for our entry! There wasn’t really any rides that were good for just the two of us, but he liked watching the pirate show and was completely mesmerised by Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the Duplo Theatre. We didn’t stay long, just had a wander about for a couple hours, and then headed home. I love looking at all the Lego models, I wanted to take lots of pictures but sadly my camera battery ran out. We had a nice day and it was great to meet some new bloggers and catch up with those that are becoming old friends!




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