The Gallery: A photo I’m proud of

25 08 2010

This week Tara picked a hard prompt. A photo that you are proud of. I think I found it the hardest because our computer is a year old and has a year of photos on them, but that is a small fraction of all of the photographs that I have taken in my lifetime. I am sure that some of them are on discs, but the problem is I am not sure where, and they are scattered all around. I should be better at organising them.

So, I had only a year of photos to choose from. Most of the photos have one subject, Piran! And I am so very proud of him, but I wanted to be true to the prompt and pick a photo that I am really proud of taking.

Then I remembered this day, and the photos I took. It was the longest day of the year and after Piran’s bedtime we left my mum in charge and spent one of our last evenings in Cornwall at the end of our holiday having a walk in the evening light on our favourite beach. There was hand holding and laughing and paddling and a whole lot of love. We have been to that place at different times in our life together, and each time has marked a new chapter in our life.

My husband works very hard, to make sure that we have a nice place to live, and everything that we need. He looks after me, and our baby. He grows us food, and pretty flowers. He is a superstar. He also finds it hard to relax, hard to switch off from work. He worries, he gets wound up and stressed.

I am proud of these photographs, because for me they captured two things. One the rare sight of my wonderful man relaxed, and content. Two, the feeling of that evening. It felt magical to me, and when I look at these photographs I immediately remember that feeling.




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