Date Night

15 08 2010

Last night Piran went off to his Grandparent’s house and Mr C and I had a rare night off. Last time it happened we were so tired we just stayed home and had a takeaway but this time I was determined that we would make the most of it. We put on clean clothes, I did my hair and put on makeup. We drove to Brighton Marina and after a quick stop at the cinema to buy tickets for a later showing we went for a lovely meal, I stuffed myself silly with prawn cocktail, full rack of ribs and fries and a banoffee sundae. Nothing fancy but one of the best meals out I have had in ages. After eating all that I needed to digest so we had time for a stroll along the boardwalk to the marina walls and back again. The starlings were roosting, the sun was setting and it was perfect. We got to the cinema in good time to get decent seats to see Inception. Home afterwards (late! Well past my bedtime) for a lovely cuppa and some TV watching in bed followed by an uninterrupted night of sleep and waking naturally at 8am this morning. Utter bliss.

Sun setting over Brighton Marina

During our meal I enlisted Mr C to help me think of who I would put on the naughty step, I was tagged weeks ago but for the life of me I couldn’t decide who I would pick. He came up with a suggestion right away, and knowing my brain and its inability to retain information these days I added it as a note on my iPhone. This resulted in a conversation about how we both have random notes on our phones as when we sync them we get each others notes. I was flicking through them and found this one that I had never seen before:

Dear Piran

It has been just over six months since the day you were born.  My how you have brought such love and happiness into my and your mum’s life.  Your mum and I got together 4 years and just over 1 month ago.  This has been the happiest time of my life.

I am sure we have told you the story of your first week many times but for me it was a time of joy and fear.  When I first saw you my heart jumped with joy, your mum and me spent the first hours holding you and telling all the family about you.  How big you were and that you and your mum were well.  When I left the hospital to go home I was the happiest I had been since your mum and I got married.  The next day when your mum text me to come in early I knew something was not right.  You know the story but what I may never have told you is how much love and hope I felt every time I came to visit you in the special care unit. I don’t know why but I knew you would be ok, although I still worried.

When the day came to take you home I walked through the hospital the proudest father in the world.

Over the last six months I have watched you fall asleep on my chest, smile, cry, smile, giggle, start to laugh, cough, sneeze, turn yourself over onto you front, eat food (or at least suck it and throw it on the floor!!), play with toys, sit up on your own and many other wonderful things.  You truly are a marvel.  Every time I look at you I cannot believe you are part of me.

I love you son and I hope this is the first of many letters I write to you. 

Love, Dad.

Well, the next thing I know I am in tears, it was so lovely and such an unexpected and wonderful thing to read. We were having a great night, but that just made me realise how much I love my two men, and how lucky I am.

Mr C said I could record it here, with my letters to Piran, what a wonderful addition to our story so far.




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