Sunday ramblings

8 08 2010

It seems to be happening again. There is something that is on my mind, that I would like to write about but I am not sure if I know how or even should. Because of this I haven’t really blogged about a lot, as the post that could be is clogging my channels. Something like that anyway.

I feel a bit that way at the moment anyway. Birthdays are done, Piran is one and it is 5 weeks until we go on holiday. Lots of Piran’s usual activities are off for the summer, or we can’t go anymore because of my work days. It is the summer holiday so places like the zoo would be so busy. I’m just at a bit of a loss.

I think Piran needs more interaction from me but I struggle for ideas of things we can do other than play with his toys. What did you do with your one year old? (if you have ever had one!) He is nowhere near even trying to walk, but is a super speedy crawler.

Part of the reason I went back to work was loneliness, but sadly don’t feel that has changed much at all. Adult conversation is nice but I don’t feel like I connect to many people at all. Friday was better, had lunch with a friend which made me happy. I don’t know, I probably am expecting more than is possible.

What I want is a nice neighbour with one or more young child who wants to be my friend and share tea and cake and share advice, help each other. I have these people in my life, but distance is the issue, I can’t seem to find one closer than 30 minutes away! Perhaps I need to put an advert in the paper?




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