Help me! It’s a bum deal

25 07 2010

Okay, I am onto Day 2 of my bugging the internet for advice posts. I reckon your answers to this one are going to be embarrassingly simple which is probably why it has taken me so long to ask!

One thing I have always struggled with is giving Piran nappy free time. His poor bottom only sees the light of day for seconds as I change his nappy and every other day in the bath.

We are lucky that he has never had any kind of nappy rash so far. I have recently taken the plunge and switched from disposable nappies to cloth and that has gone well but I am concerned that I never give his bum time to breathe.

I did try when he was smaller. The last time I tried it was April. I popped him on a blanket in the front room with a plastic mat underneath. He immediately did a wee so I grabbed the kitchen roll and mopped up. I popped back into the kitchen to get rid of the kitchen towel and returned to the room seconds later to see him lying on his front, grinning up at me with a rather large tail shaped poo on the blanket behind him. I have not been brave enough since then!

So, is it important that he gets his bottom out occasionally? If you did it do you just get on with it or is there some great advice you can share. Do I just have to accept there will be mess and just deal with it? Now he is crawling there is no way he will stay in one place, I dread to think what might happen.

Help me!




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