Help me! Milk drinking

24 07 2010

There have been a number of occasions recently where I have felt like I need some advice. I always think that I will blog about it but as usual never get round to it and now I have a number of things I need to ask. To keep it simple I will ask one thing a day for a few days. Any help gratefully received. 

Currently Piran has three 8oz bottles of milk a day, morning & bedtime and one in the afternoon, around 1pm.

This week I have switched Piran gradually over from formula to cows milk. He has been fine, no odd reactions. I did it carefully, mixing milk & made up formula together, gradually reducing the formula and increasing the milk until he is just having cows milk.

He has still been having the occasional bottle of formula in the middle of the day as it is easier to transport when we are out. I have noticed that he would cry when he finished a bottle of milk/formula but not when he had a bottle of all formula. I thought it might be that the milk does not fill him up as much?

For the past two night he has woken much earlier than normal. I think that he has been hungry. We have always given him Hungry milk at night, to fill him up so he would sleep better. It is only 2 months since he stopped having a night time bottle and went straight through.

So now I don’t know what to do. Should I go back to giving him Hungry milk at night? He still doesn’t eat a huge amount (that’s another post) although it has improved. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What did you do?

Help me!




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