Finding the silver lining

21 07 2010

A couple things have happened over the past few days that have really made me stop and think. Small things, like an advert for Cancer Research staying with me for a long time after I saw it. Being out with friends and being reminded how lucky we both are that we have very good, well paid jobs. Watching television and seeing a story of a woman with cancer who was simply amazing, her beauty and strength and soul just blew me away. These things made me cry, made me stop and take a breath and really think about my life and how I live it.

I am incredibly lucky. I have everything anyone could need to live. I own my own home, I have a husband who loves, supports and respects me. I have a beautiful baby boy who amazes me every day. We have a large family, and all of us are fit and well. We have jobs, and friends. We can do what we want, when we want.

Despite how lucky I am these basic truths just seem to get over looked in our day to day lives. The smallest things happen and I get anxious or worried or tense and I lose the perspective I have gained. On Sunday night I talked to my husband about all this in bed and we each decided what one thing had made us the happiest that day. We told each other that we loved them and we thanked the universe for everything we have.

Monday morning, when I was running late for work, and couldn’t find any clothes that were smart enough for work that fit me I could feel it slipping. As I ran about the house, trying to organise Piran and myself with wet hair sticking in all directions, five different outfits littering the bed I felt so stressed out that all of that feeling had gone. I snapped at my lovely husband and wondered if I could get away with Mr C passing Piran off to his mum for babysitting duties.

All of a sudden I stopped. It came back to me, how lucky I am. That I should never take anything for granted. So I went downstairs and scooped my baby boy off the floor and gave him a great big bear hug. I stuck my head in his neck and took one last big breath of him before kissing him three times. I made every second count. I stood at the door and waved him off, and then hugged and kissed by husband before I went back upstairs to continue to get ready.

These are the things that I promise to try to do:

I will take responsibility for myself and how I feel.
I will make the most of my life.
I will be grateful for the things I have.
I will remember how lucky I am.
I will list my blessings.
I will not regret the past, or worry about the future.
I will be present.
I will enjoy today.
I will see problems as opportunity for change.
I will find the silver lining.




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