If I had time…

15 07 2010

…I would…

answer all emails.
telephone my friends.
tidy up after myself.
find room for all my things.
put away the washing.
finish my quilt.
continue crocheting my blanket.
make Piran some trousers.
make my niece a skirt.
make my best friend’s birthday present.
watch Alice in Wonderland.
organise Piran’s clothes.
write to my mum.
open the parcel that came today.
read a book.
have a cup of tea.
write a blog post.
change my bedclothes.
do some baking.
write lists to plan birthday parties.
plan next weeks meals.
comment on blog posts.
reply to comments on my blog.
write a review.
sort out Piran’s toys.
get some photos printed for the album.
cuddle my husband.




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