The Gallery: Holidays

7 07 2010

This week the prompt is Holidays. Originally I planned to use a photo from our recent trip home to Cornwall, but then I remembered these and couldn’t resist. They must be early 80’s. Of course, we lived in Cornwall so where could we go on our summer holidays? The answer was Cornwall, just a bit further up the county! We went to the same place every year with the same people. I have great memories of it, some odd memories and some sad memories. But mainly good memories.

This is me, my brother, and my Dad’s best friend Tony and his wife Pat. Tony used to call me Kelly Arthur, and he helped teach me to swim. I have just swum the width of the swimming pool in one go, all by myself for the first time. It had taken a few attempts and that long parcel I am holding was my prize for doing it. Oh how I wanted that parcel, what could be in something so big? The answer was the smallest little bracelet you ever did see. Ha bloody ha ha. (I loved it, and I am very sad that it has got lost somewhere along the way).

My Dad giving my brother an impromptu shower under the tap. That happened quite a lot. I remember when my brother was really small they used to put his reins on him then loop the strap over a piece of rope stretched between two tent pegs. He could run up and down and round the ends and wear himself out but he couldn’t get away. I may remember that one for Piran!

Every summer we would be at the campsite for my birthday (at the end of July). I can remember birthday cakes with candles after a barbeque and chips from the chip shop. Eating cake and sitting in deckchairs behind grockle nets. I am not sure if the boat was ours or someone else’s but I do remember that it was a blow up speed boat (!) that we used to go out in, water-skiing and fishing. We played tennis on the concrete roads between the pitches and the campsite has its own beach where we played and swam every day. My favourite part of all though, was the outdoor disco, held once a week, where they played the ‘Superman’ song, and the ‘Woody Woodpecker’ song. Oh, and Wake me up before you go-go. They were the best.




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