Popping in

17 06 2010

I know, I know, I said that I was having a break. I am I swear but I just had to pop in and share two pieces of wonderful news.

Piran is eating. All of a sudden, like a light switched on, he has an appetite and wants proper meals. Now the beauty of baby led weaning is apparent, now he wants the food he is perfectly capable of feeding himself. It is completely and utterly awesome. I will write more about it when I get home but for now I need to get my thinking cap on regarding good lunch time foods he can feed himself (he has what I have for dinner).

Secondly, I received a lovely email from Victoria at Gurgle informing me I have been nominated for an award in the Best Mummy blog writing category at the upcoming Gurgle awards. I am totally blown away by this news, and I don’t really know who the other nominees are, I have seen a bit of chatter on twitter but it is all a bit of a blur. Not sure if I will go to the event where they will annpunce the winners as it is in the evening, the same night as CyberMummy. Who knows what I will do (if you have been nominated do let me know, and let me know whether you plan on going) but while I make my mind up why don’t you admire my shiny badge.




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