Wonderful Weekend

1 06 2010

I had a really nice bank holiday weekend. On Saturday we got up relatively early, had a big breakfast and then jumped in the car and went to Scotney Castle, a National Trust place just over the Kent / East Sussex border.

I had visited a few weeks ago with Mum, but wanted to go back at this time of year as the Rhododendrons would be out. Quite a few were and it was fabulous. A grey morning, but we managed to get around before the heavens opened and we had to drive into the cafe for shelter and a cream tea (what a shame).

I love to take pictures of flowers, I could do it all day, but unfortunately the camera battery went. I did manage to get some shots before, but I was gutted as there were some amazing alliums and irises that would have made wonderful pictures.


I experienced ‘Pester Power’ for the first time this weekend. Not from Piran however, but from my Mum. We were out with them for the day (a bonus, they were visiting family down the coast and we met in the middle at the Amberley Working Museum) and it started off with a very innocent “What would you like us to get Piran for his birthday?” and when I asked her for money for the present we had decided on she then went on to tell me of this wonderful drum she had seen. Throughout the day she would say things to Piran like “You would love a drum wouldn’t you?” or start telling me about the drum, or mention in passing that it wasn’t a very loud drum. This went on all day until I snapped and told her that if she wanted to she could get Piran the drum as long as she stopped talking about it.

I am doomed when Piran is older.

I have had a lovely weekend doing more and more crochet. I have two projects on the go. My crocheting isn’t too bad, but I am not very good at joining or ending rows so some bits are a bit scruffy. I have been completely inspired by Attic 24 and I my favourite new project is a Granny Stripes blanket. I am starting small with a cot sized version in pale pinks and creams for my new niece Ruby.

The photos are not brilliant as I took them on my iPhone but I am whizzing along the rows and the edges are not too bad. I am definitely preferring crochet to knitting and now I have the hang of it I am quite obsessed! I really want to start making beautiful, vibrant, colourful things for myself but I have started out with my usual safe colours and when I feel more confident (and get some brighter yarn) then I can move on to bigger and brighter things. Watch this space.

Piran has a cold. He must be under the weather, he got up at 5am, sneezed, had a bottle of milk and slept until I got him up for swimming at 9.15. I put him back down for a nap at 12 and he is still asleep now at 2.20. Poor little mite. I will go and check on him now I guess. Don’t want to disturb him if he needs the sleep but also don’t want him to sleep too much and not sleep tonight.



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