Review & Giveaway – Plum baby food

18 05 2010

Initial thoughts: The nice people at Plum sent me some baby food to try. Well, for Piran obviously! They kindly sent me some Spelt Fingers in two flavours – pomegranate and apple. They also sent me some fruit pouches to try. Piran will only eat food that he can hold himself and bite off so I was concerned whether there would be anything suitable.

We liked: The spelt fingers seemed to go down well. Piran would happily tuck into one as a snack. I think he preferred the apple to the pomegranate but he ate both so that could just be down to appetite on a particular day. The biscuits were manageable for a little guy with a few teeth but not so soft that they fell apart when he held them in his hands. I also liked the fact that they used the heritage grain spelt as an ingredient – it was unusual and interesting.

We didn’t like: The pouches of fruit puree were no good for Piran as he will not even dip a biscuit in it to eat so I gave them to a friend. However, I watched her 6 month old get through an entire Apple & Blackberry pouch so it seemed to be a hit. My only issue I have is that I wish that there were more options available for parents who choose to go down the baby led weaning route than just biscuits.

Overall: The spelt fingers were a hit with Piran, easy for him to hold and eat. They were also a hit with me as they are made with organic ingredients with no added nasties and sweetened with spelt syrup so no refined sugars. I love the way that they came in a handy pack of two biscuits wrapped together – perfect for popping into my bag for snack emergencies!

Giveaway: The folks over at Plum Baby have given me one month’s supply of baby food, nibbles and treats to give to one lucky reader.
Plum Baby is all about real food for babies and not just baby food and all the products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients. They offer babies a taste of what’s to come and are full of nutrients and nothing artificial.
The prize includes: breakfast cereals and mueslis, savoury pots, sweet pouches, yummy spelt biscuits and sauces – worth £75.00 and the winner will receive the pack most appropriate for their babies age.
To enter, simply go to the Plum Baby newsletter  ( and sign up using the code “a place of my own” – a winner will be picked at random in 7 days time.
Check out and discover more yummy products from the Plum Kitchen.

Please note the giveaway is being managed by Plum and the prizes will be sent to you by them. I know that there have been a number of giveaways for Plum baby food over the past few weeks but I have checked with the lovely people at Plum and you are eligible to enter more than one giveaway so give it a try! 

Disclaimer: I was sent free samples of the food for Piran to try for the purpose of this review.




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