British Mummy Bloggers ‘Karaoke’ Carnival

11 05 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, we are taking some time out of our usual day to day lives to have a fun filled evening of karaoke. We have some wonderful bloggers joining us, so grab a drink, have a think about what you might like to sing and enjoy the show.

It is only fair, as this is my idea that I embarrass myself terribly first. So I am channeling my inner-Dolly and belting out Nine to Five for your pleasure. Apologies for the bad singing, Piran loves it!

Next up is Julia, she is taking her son, and the audience on a Magical Mystery Tour. Sounds idyllic to me.

MTJAM has decided to pick a less known hit, Run Chicken, Run by the Felice Brothers. Can’t say I have heard of this one either, but it’s the way she tells sings them I am sure!

We have a blast from the past from Hot Cross Mum with her remix of Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen). Ah this takes me back! Some great advice for mothers too.

Time to refill those cocktails and take a moment to reflect during Jennifer’s rendition of the well known tear-jerker Everybody Hurts,

Another quieter, reflective moment from Rebecca and the Eurythmics hit Here comes the rain again. Please pop by and lend you ear or some words of support or wisdom.

Something a little different from Ellen for the moment – a rendition of the rhyme “What are little boys made of?” Snips and snails and puppy dog tails it seems. Now I know what I am in for!

Vicky is sharing the Eagles song, New Kid in Town. What do you think a new person in town with kids needs to find?

Time to liven us all up again. I think Jo singing My Way will be just the thing to get us all joining in! Consistent single parenting is the key. Mind you., I’d love Weetos for dinner.

21st Century Mum is off on holiday but is leaving something behind. Does her choice of Everything But The Girl give you a clue?

Gosh, it seems Liz is taking this whole thing very seriously. She seems to have arrived in a pair of dungarees and a jacket with scary shoulder pads to sing Dedicated Follower of Fashion. What were your fashion mistakes?

Pippa is loving her birthday and there are very few tears as she grabs the mike to belt out It’s my party (and I’ll cry if I want to).

Young Mummy has had a startling realisation that took her breath away, her babies are going to grow up. She’s working it all out singing Kids. As I remember this was a duet, I am sure Young Daddy could join in.

American Mom in England is reliving the past with Marry Me. I must admit I hadn’t heard of this song before, but what great lyrics and a greater story.

Becky is sharing with us John Lennon’s Love (her wedding song), and all the things she loves about being a mum living in the UK.

Our very own Modern Mother, Susanna is raising the roof with her hit from the musical Annie. The sun will come out tomorrow. Next time your travel plans are interrupted by a little volcano think about her ancestors – their return from holiday was delayed by six years.

Sandy is on the stage and treating us all to Good Enough. I am sure her singing will put mine to shame, she really does this for fun. I am sure Sandy is way more than good enough.

The Ambitious Mamas are giving most of us a glimpse of the future with She’s Leaving Home.

This is one to get us all out of our seats and bopping about. One More Time from Make Do Mum. How long after the first baby until you think about trying for the second one?

Michelle is celebrating the wonder of twins with It Takes Two Baby. A heartwarming post with beautiful pictures.

Fun with the children and one that we can all sing along to. cathy from Nuture Store is next with I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.

It’s a Mummy’s Life is taking it down a notch and treating us to some Pink Floyd. While she sings Set the controls for the heart of the sun lets all remember to stop and notice those moments of perfection.

It is potty training over at Diary of a Surprise Mum so there can only be one song choice – Skip to the loo!

Cartside is here and making me long to be a child again with her post about an outdoor nursery. Sounds like so much fun. Wild Wood is the perfect song choice.

Tawny has been shopping with her daughter. Find out how it went as she sings Pretty Woman.

It’s a dance hit from Not Waving but Ironing, Evacuate the Dancefloor. Particularly it seems if she is on it!

Vic from Glowstars is spending her pretend millions in Rich Girl. It is nice to dream occasionally.

Now have Mummy Limited and her rendition of Sunday, Sunday by Blur. I really like her take on what Sunday should be about.

Everyone can join in with Insomniac Mummy with These Boots Were Made For Walking. And walk she will, and all for a great cause.

Finally, a late request from Linda and her treadmill. One Step Beyond is just the high note to finish on.

Right, I’m off to the dance floor. Who’s with me?

Thank you all for taking to the stage, being brave and joining in. I have had a blast.




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