9 months

1 05 2010

Dear Piran,

Another three months has passed in the blink of an eye and you are now 9 months old. All traces of the little newborn you once were have gone and now you are a baby – full of smiles and laughter and noise. A lot of noise. Constant chatter in fact, I have no idea where you get that from (Grandma perhaps?). You say da, dad, yea, ba, boo, la and all variations of the same. You love to blow raspberries all the time, it never stops! We have some great conversations you and I. Still no ‘ma’ or ‘mama’ yet, but that’s okay. This way when you want something ‘Dada’ has to do it!

You can now sit up with no problems at all. This picture was of you the first time I really felt confident to leave you sat up all by yourself. You were seven months old at the time. It made a lot of difference once you could sit up. You because happier and less frustrated straight away and the world opened up with games to play and things to do. You don’t really ever topple anymore, although you have been known to dramatically throw yourself backwards if something displeases you, or you are hungry.

You were ill for the first real time when you were 7 months old, a week of being sick and lots of poo. Other than the projectile fluids I knew you were poorly because you spent days snuggled under a blanket on my lap having cuddles and snoozes. I happily sat on the sofa for days holding your hot, heavy body in my arms, hoping that you would be better soon but making the most of the fact that you needed me. You are such an independent little chap a lot of the time, happy to sit and play as long as you have your toys and something to chew on.

This was our first real visit to the park, we had a great time, even though you were just starting to get better from being poorly and the swings were great fun. You are a happy smiling baby a lot of the time, although recently you have developed a tendency to act a little shy, it soon wears off and you are smiling and flirting with everyone you see. Getting round the supermarket takes a long time as you make friends everywhere you go.

I had my very first Mother’s Day with you. Unfortunately Daddy had to go away but you gave me a lovely present and we had a day full of fun and giggles and extra cuddles.

 Your Daddy loves you very much and is enjoying taking you out and letting you watch him in his garden. He loves to push you about in your pushchair and spends lots of time trying to teach you to crawl.

You are not quite there yet, you hold yourself up on your arms and occasionally push yourself backwards but no crawling, or standing up at all yet. You seem quite happy with it all though and usually just sit on the floor. Your legs move constantly though – Dad calls you the running man. You learnt to clap your feet together two days ago and have done it constantly ever since. You roll all over the place, although I don’t think you have yet realised that you could use it to get where you want to go.

You have seven teeth, and much more hair than three months ago which gets lighter every day. You have gorgeous cheeks that go bright red occasionally. You are 23lbs (still a big boy) and very tall – about 80cm I think, but it is hard to tell as you wriggle so much when I try to measure you.

You don’t like cuddles in the evening anymore, as soon as you have finished your milk you cry at me as if to say “Put me down, I am tired and want to get to dreaming and sleeping” until I lay you in your cot. You grab your rabbit and put it on your face and then snore away. Some nights you sleep through from 7pm to 7am. Other you wake and I turn the sheep on and give you Rabbit and you go back to sleep. Other nights you cry and cry and we have to feed you. Other nights a 10 minute cuddle in our bed and after watching a bit of TV you go back to sleep. Some mornings start at 5am. The inconsistency of it all could very easily be used as a way of torturing people. It is worse than simple sleep deprivation, you never know what will happen!

You are taking your time with food. You will not eat anything we try to give you, on a spoon or handed to you. If I hold your food out for you to grab you place in down in front of you then pick it back up before taking a bite. You have your pincer grip but will only eat foods that you can bite, you never just pop something in your mouth. It has been very hard going but I offer you food at least twice a day, more recently and you are starting to eat more and more. You do try everything but seem to really like broccoli, cucumber, cheese, rice cakes and little crisps. You are not really a fan of water but we keep trying to get you to drink. You love your milk, and still have 4 x 8oz bottles every day.

Once a week you play with your friend O, and I chat to his Mummy. He is three months younger and you are both just starting to take an interest in each other. I really hope that you will be best pals when you are older. You don’t have many other buddies but you start nursery two afternoons a week from next week so that will change. I am very nervous about you being away from me but I hope you have fun. You still love your swimming and Sing & Sign classes – you squeal and wave your arms and legs about it utter excitement when the singing starts and Jessie Cat sends you over the edge – you love pulling on her ears (luckily she is a stuffed cat!)

I am going back to work in a few months time. I think I will miss you a lot, but I also think that you need the company of other babies so you can make friends and we will still have time to go and see the penguins at the zoo as I will have two days at work, and three days with you. I love being with you, but I am lonely at times, and I miss my friends at work. If we don’t like it I will think again but I have decided that we need to try it. I promise to try not to cry too much.

This is you today. My gorgeous boy. We played with bubbles for the first time, you looked surprised as they popped. I am enjoying all the firsts that you have in your life. I am excited about the new ones we have ahead of us. I cannot believe that we are now coasting towards you being one whole year old. I sit and stare at you and marvel at how amazing human beings really are, that your Dad and I made you, that I gave birth to you, that my body could give us such a truly amazing gift. You are developing your personality, becoming a person. I am proud of everything that you do. You make me a better person, I have more enthusiasm for life and the outdoors and everything in this world. I love being a mum. I cannot wait to teach you new things, and I am so excited to rediscover the world through your eyes.

Mum x




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