The Gallery: Ugly

6 04 2010

I suspect that Tara has been the reason for a number of headaches in the blogging community this week. Because this week’s gallery prompt was the ever so tough “Ugly”. I have been pondering all week and finally inspiration hit late last night. This is one of the most ugly things I have ever seen.

Three years ago at Easter Mr C and I finally moved into the house that we had bought 7 weeks earlier. The reason for the delay in moving in was that there was a lot of work to be done on the house so we worked our bottoms off every evening and weekend for those 7 weeks to turn it into somewhere nice to live. This monstrosity took up a huge part of the living room, and it was the first thing to go. Oh it was so ugly, it didn’t have a single redeeming character. You can see us destroying it here, it was the first thing we did! Hard work but good fun.

In fact, the whole inside of the house was ugly when we started. Green walls and carpets, orange bathroom and red kitchen. I blogged about it all.




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