Peter Pan week – Great Ormond Street Hospital

5 04 2010
The most surreal and difficult time of my life was the 5 days that Piran was in SCBU after he was born. When your child is sick you feel so lost and helpless and scared. The hospital staff were wonderful and we were so lucky and Piran got better and came home with us. I hope that we are never in that position again. Some children are not that lucky and they need hospitals like Great Ormond Street to look after them.
Great Ormond Street Hospital needs £50 million pounds a year to do what it does best, look after sick children, they do this by fundraising throughout the year and you can help.

JM Barrie gave all the rights to Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1929, and this was later confirmed when he died in 1937. Since then, the hospital has received royalties every time a production of the play is put on, as well as from the sale of Peter Pan books and other products.

On 14 December 1929, at Barrie’s suggestion, the cast of a London production of Peter Pan came to the hospital and played out the Nursery Scene for the children, the first of a long tradition. Great Ormond Street Hospital now holds a Peter Pan Week. 

Peter Pan week is 26th -30th April. It’s a week of Peter Pan themed fundraising activities. On Friday 30th April at 9:15am a Guinness World record attempt will take place for the largest number of people dressed as Peter Pan. How cool is that? I wish we were part of a school or club that is taking part, Piran would look so cute as Peter Pan.

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