Stokke® Review – Tripp Trapp

24 03 2010

Initial thoughts: When our Tripp Trapp arrived I was very excited. I had already decided that I wanted a Tripp Trapp for Piran so getting the chance to review one was perfect. I received one in Natural wood (left) and it looked great in our dining room, we loved the design and there is definitely a colour available for every room. My husband really liked the solid construction of the chair too. Putting it together was simple, even for me! I did wonder if it would be comfortable for Piran, and so we made the decision to purchase a cushion for it as well. We chose a wipeable one, and I am glad that we did!

We liked: Piran is 8 months old and I started baby led weaning just before six months. We love having Piran up at the table with us, and we have quickly realised that he eats a lot better when we are eating together as a family. The Tripp Trapp is fully adjustable, growing with the child all the way to adulthood (I know some adults who love to sit in their own Tripp Trapp!) which is a bonus as I have not come across many other chairs that would last this long. I particularly like the footrest, I feel that Piran seems more secure in the chair because of it and he always sits up straight. The chair itself is very easy to wipe down and keep clean.

We didn’t like: For us, the main issue we have is the lack of tray. It is great that Piran is at the table with us but hard to give him the messier meals that baby led weaning can entail. We have tried various mats but nothing seems to stick to our table. I know that there is a table top tray available but unless it sticks down firmly Piran just loves to lift it up, and I am not keen on spending £45 on something that might not work either. So at the moment Piran just eats of the oilcloth, and messy meals are restricted to our bebePOD which has to be on the floor. The only other problem I have is that you need to undo the chair slightly with the allen key to get the cushions on and off if you want to give them a good clean. Update: Sian @ Mummytips sent me her top tip for this: Stand at the side of the chair, hold the bar from the baby set and pull it gently towards you – the wood gives a little and it will pop our without using your allen key!

Overall: I am a fan of this highchair, and feel that the price is worth it when you see how it grows with your child, and the fact that you get a seven year warranty. I love the look of it and everyone who has seen it has commented on how nice it is. It is simple and easy to adjust when the child has grown. If there was just a tray available for the early stages of weaning that would make it near perfect for us.

For more information:
Check out the Stokke® Website.

RRP £195 (includes baby set) but shop around – I have seen the the chair for £110 on one website.

Piran examining his broccoli in his Tripp Trapp

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Tripp Trapp high chair free of charge for the purpose of this review.



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