Review: Peekaboo Farm! by Emily Bolam

24 03 2010

We have received another book for the Mummy Bloggers Book Club. I have added this review to the site – please pop over and take a look at the other reviews as well and become a follower.

Who are you?

We received the Peekaboo Farm book to review, a board book with flaps and animals for baby to discover. We had such fun with this book!

This is a lovely board book, with bright vibrant colours. It has all of the great appeal of baby’s first book – repetition, peekaboo, animal noises and pictures and a mirror surprise at the end. Piran really enjoyed it and I spent time helping him to open the flaps and look into the mirror at the end. 
He laughs when I make the animal noises, and liked seeing himself in the mirror. I liked it because we know the signs for each animal as well so I was able to use it to reinforce the signs that we already use. All in all a lovely book, and one that I would happily recommend. I will be looking out for the other titles in the series – Peekaboo Pets! Peekaboo Jungle! & Peekaboo Park!
Peekaboo Farm is published by Campbell Books and is available now.
ISBN: 978-0333998120

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this book for the purpose of this review.




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