The art of answering back

21 03 2010

Firstly can I just say congratulations to my giveaway winners. @kikicomp won the blanket, and Magic Mummy won a tea cosy. Thanks to everyone who entered.

I have been mentally writing a post on comments for weeks and weeks now. I have never really replied to comments on this blog. When I set up my first blog it was with Blogger and I have stayed ever since. I like the system, I find it easy to use and that it can be as simple or as complicated as I like. I have learnt bits about HTML and played around with my template, learning things from sites all over the net and trying them out here. But my only real complaint is the comment system is clunky and you are not able to do the things that I want to be able to do.

Time is a real issue when it comes to replying to comments. I read every comment that I get, but usually from my phone when I am away from the laptop. Commenting on blogs, including my own which would be the only way to reply to comments, is too difficult from my phone. I read blogs via Google Reader on my phone, starring the posts that I want to go back and comment on. Then in the limited time that I have on the laptop I try to comment on the posts that I have loved.

I feel that it would mean more to people to get a comment on their blog from me than a reply on mine. I am not sure if that is true but it is the conclusion that I have come to. However if someone asks me a question I will reply, I just try and do so by email if I have their address, or on Twitter. My last resort is through my own comments. I wonder, do you go back and see if someone has replied to the comments that you leave for people? To be honest, when I leave you a comment I very rarely go back and check your reply, unless I have asked a direct question. So, does that mean by replying you are wasting your time? I know I am not offended if you don’t reply.

The thing that solves all of this is a comment system that I can use to reply to you directly via email. It solves all of my issues. I do like it when I leave a comment on a blog and get an email comment in reply.

This is all a very long winded way of saying that I have installed Disqus for my comments on my blog. One problem right now is I seem to be unable to import all of my old comments. So, I am trying to just set it up to start taking comments from now to start with.

I would love your opinions on replying to comments: Do you reply? Do you go back to check if someone has replied to you? Do you like the Disqus system?

The added bonus would be that by leaving me a comment you will be really helping me to test if I like the system too.So thanks!




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